[ut_title_divider] Mission: To exceed our customer’s concrete placement expectations in quality, time management, and service. [/ut_title_divider] [ut_count_up color=”#ffffff” to=”20″ opacity=”0″ icon=”fa-clock-o” width=”fourth” last=”false”] Plus years of experience [/ut_count_up] [ut_count_up color=”#ffffff” to=”6″ opacity=”0″ icon=”fa-sun-o” width=”fourth” last=”false”] Years in Tucson, Arizona[/ut_count_up] [ut_count_up color=”#ffffff” to=”30″ opacity=”0″ icon=”fa-line-chart” width=”fourth” last=”false”] Percent growth each year [/ut_count_up] [ut_count_up color=”#ffffff” to=”50000″ opacity=”0″ icon=”fa-cubes” width=”fourth” last=”true”] Cubic yards of concrete poured[/ut_count_up]
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