[ut_highlight_section image=”http://www.blancoconcrete.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/home_trowel_new.png” imagetype=”portrait” imageeffect=”fadeInUp” leftboxeffect=”slideInLeft” rightboxeffect=”slideInRight”] [ut_highlight_left title=”Slabs & Foundations” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We follow standards and procedures that ensure that interior and exterior slabs provide long-lasting, superior performance.[/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Curbs” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We economically prepare any subgrade to provide uniform support, accurately align forms, and place durable concrete product.[/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Driveways” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We design driveways to perform for years after we’ve installed them, reinforced, of the proper thickness, and finished to suit.[/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Decorative Concrete” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]A great addition to any type of property and we’re experienced at bringing your creative work to reality.[/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_right title=”Concrete Walls” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]When it comes to concrete walls, we are highly technical and offer a wide variety of applications and customization options.[/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Complex Concrete Works” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We have a highly experienced crew that has contributed to a wide variety of concrete design projects, all with varying requirements. [/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Stamped Concrete” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We’re highly methodical about stamped concrete installation. It takes planning, collaboration, skilled finishers, proper tools, and timely execution.[/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Exposed Aggregate” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#ed1c24″]We craft and carefully finish exposed aggregate – ideal for skid resistance, durability, and a beautiful finished surface.[/ut_highlight_right] [/ut_highlight_section]
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